Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

Today after church Mr. Scottie Dog played his accordion with the Humboldt Accordionaires at the Italian-American Club's annual picnic. A four hour paid gig...not bad! The weather today was wonderful...perfect Indian Summer bright sunny day. I ate my lunch in the back garden and listened to a couple of crows squawk back and forth at each other.

I cleaned up the kitchen and did my laundry. I packed some of my clothes in my suitcase. I got the pill-a-day containers out and set up my medications for the next two and half weeks. You see, Tuesday morning I'm leaving on a jet plane to Minnesota to babysit Jakob (4 1/2) and Mercedes (2 1/2) for a few days while their Mom & Dad and baby sister Shiloh go to Canada for a family wedding. Actually, I'm leaving on a PROP plane...

To fly out of Eureka you walk up to the plane (even if it is raining!), you put your carry-on bag on the cart (on the right of the picture), climb up the stairs and find your seat. I think there are 22 seats on the plane. Usually they are all filled because it's a 6-7 hour to a larger airport! To get to Minneapolis I fly on a 1 hour flight to San Francisco. Wait about an hour and then board another plane to Denver. Once on the ground in Denver I'll run like the dickens to make my flight to Minneapolis which will probably be boarding when I get to my gate.

For two and a half weeks I'll be able to grandmother (is that really a verb?) Jakob, Sadies & Shiloh. Beka and I will shop, cook and quilt together and I may even get a chance to go to lunch with some of my Minnesota friends.

Bill will hold down the fort, take care of the cats. He's been so busy around the house...some jobs don't show: designing, trenching and installing a drainage system in the front of the house. Some jobs make a difference you can see: new fence and gates, wonderful new porch steps (they are architecturally beautiful!). He's also the one who made the new fixtures at the store.

I'll be sure to blog from MN!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Out with the old, In with the new....

Friday, Mr. Scottie Dog took down the old sign (sigh!), and he & Liz put up the new sign and this banner:

Today was the Grand Opening of Redwood Sewing Center! And what a day it was! Many, many thanks to all of you who attended. The store was full to overflowing most of the times the cutters and those checking out were overwhelmed but we are so glad everyone stayed. Thanks to Mr. Scottie Dog, Steve & Lewis who bar-b-qued for us. Lunch was great.
Redwood Sewing Center Staff L-R: Crystal, BrendaLou, Laura, Judy, Geri, Katie, Liz, Sydney & Margie. Redwood Sewing Centers helpful & knowledgeable staff. Many, many thanks to my fabulous staff...we were all busy all day long and we couldn't have done it without you. You all look "fab-oo-lous" in your aprons.
It took a very long weekend plus work week to get the store in it's new glory. We have room for new displays, an expanded Notions Wall, the Pfaff Sewing Machine Center, Fabric Value Wall, the new centrally located cutting & checkout counters and more.The comment I heard most of all was, "How could you keep all you had before, add sewing machines AND the Value Wall and the store and classroom look bigger than before?" Our new plan was mostly due to the vision Liz had and Mr. Scottie Dog's expertise. Many, many hands helped us...Thanks especially to Liz, Laura, Crystal, Mr. Scottie Dog, Larissa, Lewis, Steve & Sydney who spent many late, late nights (and into the early mornings) to help us get it all done. It is such a nice space to work in and as soon as we remember where everything is, it will be much easier to help our customers.Here's a little nest of chicken pincushions made from our newest pattern, Henny Penny & Leroy

One of my favorite things about our remodel is the little areas we have for displaying fabric lines.
How about an old washtub of pillowcase kits?
I wish we had counted all of you who came today despite the rain (it actually held off for most of the day), all we know is that the sales floor and the classroom were crowded almost every minute of the day. We sent home sewing machines, kits, fabric, books and more with happy customers. The demonstrations in the classroom were well-received and if you missed them, we'll be doing more as time goes by.
Now that we are open, please feel free to stop by for our new class schedule, take a peek at our upcoming Saturday Sampler---make a stunning Queen-sized Quilt for only $10 (begins October 9) or take a test drive on a Pfaff machines....we've got a Grand Quilter 18.8 set up too (a mid-arm quilting machine with an 18.8" neck!).
I came home after the Grand Opening, put my feet up and woke up at 10:15 pm! Liz was having a Girl's Night Out with her friends and looking forward to a massage!

Thanks again to everyone!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We've been busy!

I haven't blogged for a bit. We've been busy around here lately. We're in the midst of a store remodel, and extreme store make-over, if you will. We're changing our name.....Scottie Dog Quilts is not going away....we still own the name and will continue to use it for our retreats, cruises, classes (How could we get rid of Scottie Dog Quilts University????) and we'll retain it as the brand name for our line of patterns.

But we are changing our name to better reflect our business as a whole. We are now Pfaff Sewing Machine Dealers. Yes...authorized dealers! With an authorized Pfaff repair center too! Our new name is.....(drum roll please.............) Redwood Sewing Center at Scottie Dog Quilts or as our new sign will say...just Redwood Sewing Center. We'll try to answer the phone with that name too, but it may take us awhile to get it down pat. If you want to continue to call us Scottie Dog Quilts it's ok by me. Quilters "get" the name Scottie Dog Quilts. But to the average person, we are a place that sells quilts and probably quilts for dogs... or maybe we sell dogs and accessories....or maybe it's a place for dogs to shop for quilts. They are never quite sure. So we want the average person to know what we are about: We sell sewing machines, fabric and supplies....books, patterns, notions, gifts, books and oh, yes! We have an awesome classroom with lots of fabulous teachers teaching wonderful things....sewing of purses, bags, table runners, clothing and yes, QUILTS!

Do not worry....we continue to have the largest selection of quality quilting cottons on the North Coast of CA. In fact, we've added "THE VALUE WALL" of fabrics to the back room....first quality 100% cotton from all your favorite fabric companies for $6.99! What a deal!

We are having a Grand Opening next Saturday and you are all invited. September 18 from 10-4 pm. Sales (fabulous sales on all our Pfaff sewing machines including the Grand Quilter...a mid-arm for the home quilter with an 18.8" neck!!!!) on fabrics, books, notions and more. We'll have demonstrations all day too. Come see us, we'd love to show you around the store. You'll hardly believe you are in the same place. But our friendly and knowledgeable staff is the same.

Here are a few pics of the extreme store make-over:
Mr. Scottie Dog hanging the slatwall for the new notions center. One new counter in...another to go (and what a mess!).
Moving fixtures! Our friend Lewis helping out with the telephone/computer wiring. Where's Sydney? Hiding out in a cave of fabric.
Even the bathroom got a make-over. What color do you think we chose? Today I hung the wallpaper border.Where's Sydney? Hanging out in some of the fixtures! These are now holding our 1930's collection.Sewing machines are on their shelves...Maywood's Old World Style fabric display is up...I think it's coming together!

We couldn't have done it without our awesome crew....Mr. Scottie Dog, Liz & Sydney, Laura, Crystal, Lewis and myself. Well, actually I got to do some sewing during lag times.
Here's a teaser photo of our Saturday Sampler Quilt....You can make it for only $10....well, all the blocks for only $10. Come to the store and we'll tell you how.
Whew! Telling all of this has made me tired all over again! Grand Opening Saturday, September 18. I'll post the "after" pictures then.