Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A new member of our family!!!!!

I've been silent for awhile....I was in Minnesota to welcome our newest grandchild, Korban Jason Hache!  He made his way into this world quickly (although he was 1 1/2 weeks late) on August 8, weighing 10 lbs. even and 22" long.  Here I am with Korban and his big brother, Jakob at two days old.

Again, I was so privileged to be there when Korban was born.  Beka was Wonder Woman!

We had so much fun while I was there...4 weeks of just playing, barbeques, long walks around the lake and to the park.  We went to Cleary Lake when Korban was only 5 days old....he REALLY liked it....You can see by this picture that Anastacia was more excited than he was.

 We went to the Scott County Fair! We watched the magician, ate fair food, the kids won some ribbons and rode some rides.  Here's Shiloh on the Carousel.

A trip to the Minnesota Zoo is always fun.  We were able to go on the Dinosaur Trail...I think it's now closed.  We saw about 15 different animatronic Dinos, some with sound and lots of mist swirling around.  I had to laugh as we entered the trail and they were playing the music from Jurassic Park over hidden speakers.
Here's Shiloh, Jakob and Mercedes being totally Photo Bombed by two critters.  Why are these kids wearing bathing suits?  There is a fun Splash Pad in the center of the zoo and running to and fro among the fountains is fun and refreshing on a hot day.  It was quite warm and midway through the Dinosaur Trail were some shower/misters.  Off came the clothes to run around in the mist.
 They had a place where you could feed the giraffes!  Look close for that PURPLE tongue...about 15" Anastacia offers up a "giraffe chow" cracker (totally looked like Rye Krisp to me!).

 At the "Barnyard" I found some nice looking chickens!

I spotted a  bunch of wild coyotes as we left.

 The church had two after service Barbeques while I was there.  Anastacia ate all her watermelon and smeared her face with catsup....probably getting ready for her hot dog.

 Mercedes, on the other hand, proves that one can be glamorous whilst picnicking.

Shiloh just looks cute most of the time.
One of the fun things we got to do on Saturdays was go to soccer games.  Sades and Jakob were on different teams and both came home with medals.  Sades  wore hers to Church the next day.
 This picture is from after I left, but Beka took the entire crew back to the zoo.  Korban's first visit to the zoo the other day at 3 weeks old.

I'm back home now in Eureka.  Busy, busy busy.