Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No longer in Limo-land!

The end of April  we packed up my Tahoe and  took off again for Minnesota.  On the four day trip we ran into rain, snow, sleet, hail and wind.  I think the sun must have been shining off and on, but I don't really remember.  We arrived with the Spring and each and every day I see more and more green.  The lilacs are blooming everywhere and their light perfume fills every little breeze.  

Korban and I sit on the porch and chat. Already there have been some days in the '80's.

Auntie Liz decided to begin a project at Beka's house....removing 100 years of wallpaper in the living  room. Here Jakob helps.

Mr. Scottie Dog stayed long enough to help get plumbing fixed at Beka's and one of our rentals and help get Beka and Jason's fence project started. They have a privacy fence along one side and the back and Phase 2 will be "Gothic" picket fence in the front. 

Using an augur makes digging the post holes much easier.....but stony soil slows it down. 

The fence is getting longer!

The fence crew....Beka, Mr. Scottie Dog, Jason!  I guess Phase 2 will commence when Mr. Scottie Dog comes back.

For the meantime, I'm living in Jordan, MN (population 5400) with Beka & Jason (and Jakob 9, Mercedes 7, Shiloh 5, Anastacia 3 and Korban 1) and just down the road from Liz and Steve (and Sydney 10).  Missing Mr. Scottie Dog, but enjoying the grands.  I think I'm out of Limbo-land but smack dab in the center of Transition-town.