Thursday, May 13, 2010

Packing and other nonsense

Each day this week I've had a list of things to do, things to pack, things to finish, loose ends to tie up, etc. Spring Quilt Market is in Minneapolis May 20-23. Right around the corner. We are leaving a bit early to drive to Southern CA so we can fly to Minneapolis.?! It really makes sense....really. My dad's dear wife, Willie, is moving quite soon back to Illinois. This makes it necessary for us to pick up some furniture and memories and help her pack up and clean up before she goes. Also it's much cheaper for us to fly from a major airport than from our small, rural one.

Mr. Scottie Dog, Sydney & I will make the drive in a day and a half. We'll spend one night at Willie's, leave the car and flat bed trailer and fly out the next afternoon. We'll meet up with Liz in Minn. (she had a ticket already she couldn't change) and I'll get to see the Minn. grandkids too. While there we'll do all the typical things we do at a Quilt Market weekend....look at fabric, new books & notions, take classes, meet with my Quilt Shop Owner friends and more. One night we'll go to a fabulous dinner put on by Moda, squeeze in some time with the family.

All this meant I had to finish up matching skirts for the grandgirls Sydney, Mercedes & Shiloh. Poor Jakob....grandma had to buy him a shirt & shorts. I helped bind some quilts and samples for the store. My fingers have been busy. I've had to plan on what to wash, what to pack and what to wear now!

After Quilt Market Liz will fly with the rest of us back to Redlands. We'll do whatever Willie has for us to do, we'll go through the last of the "stuff" accumulated by my Mom & Dad for the 50+ years they were married and see if there is anything that has too many memories to leave behind (Liz is hoping for the red handled clippers Grandpa always used to cut oranges and lemons off the trees). I'm sure we'll come home with bags of oranges & lemons, some furniture, his car for Liz and who knows what! It will also be an emotional time....probably the last time I'll be in the family home before it is sold. I'll probably shed a few tears.

Another chaper in my life ended. I'm sure there are many more chapters in my future.


Tanya said...

Have a nice trip. Bring home lots of memories.

Denisehyeong said...

Travel safely, buy lots of fun beautiful stuff at Market, let Sydney have ice cream every day for lunch. xxx dmf