Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lake Selmac & childhood buddy

Last week we took a few days off, packed a few things into the trailer and truck and took off for one of our favorite places in the world. A mere 2 1/2 hours from Eureka in South Central Oregon is Lake Selmac. It's located just off Highway 199 north of Cave Junction and about 20 minutes south of Grant's Pass. Our family have been camping there for about 33 years! Here's a picture looking at the lake....just a few yards from our campsite. The area to the right of the grassy area is a shallow swimming area. When the girls were small it had a big log chained to the bottom for log rolling or floating on and the swim area was divided from the rest of the lake by linked floats.

Here's a shot looking towards our camp sites. I like the flatness of the site and the trees. The temperature was about as perfect as you could have....82-85 with no humidity. A few, very few, mosquitoes (and of course they ALL bit me once!). Very slight breeze...ah, the fresh air!
Sydney brought her bike and scooter. We swam in the lake, walked all around the campground, took a road trip to Medford one day and played cards. R E L A X A T I O N was the order of the day.

All the conveniences of home....Sydney made cupcakes one day with chocolate frosting & sprinkles. She delivered a plate of some to our neighbors with two small boys.
Just before we left on our trip it occurred to me that I might be able to meet up with a childhood friend I'd 'found" on FaceBook last year. I emailed Olga and she re-arranged her weekend plans so she and her husband dropped by our camp. Olga and I met in Kindergarten at Cimmarron Ave. Elementary School. We were part of a small group of girls who belonged to a Blue Bird group (The Snowflake Blue Birds) and were best friends. We were all together in school until the end of 7th grade when many of us moved out of the LA/Inglewood, CA area. I hadn't seen Olga for 45 years! She came bearing gifts! She had a bag of the most succulent jerky & sausages you've ever tasted from a local sausage maker. Thank you so much, Olga! We all enjoyed it so much.
Liz said it was fun to watch us chatter just like Jr. High girls. We're hoping to take a trip together to So. CA next summer to meet up with most of the rest of the group.
Another fun thing was that our husbands hit it off right away. Those two were two peas in a pod chattering away about the "junk" they've collected, the toys they each had: Olga's Ron has a motorcycle and Mr. Scottie Dog has his bobcat they are enjoying Sydney's cupcakes.
We spent a couple of hours together, not nearly long enough!
On Monday Liz and I got in several more Spite & Malice card games in....I used to play with my Mom. Now Liz seems to beat me every time. I'd better polish up my game. We were able to stay until after lunch. So peaceful, such a special place full of memories (Liz and Steve were married on the lake shore too!). Then it was back to reality. As they say, " A good time was had by all."


jen duncan said...

What a perfect place to go spend a summer weekend! Makes me wish we had a camper. Love the story of finding your old friend. That happened to me recently as well and it feels just like a gift. :-)

Beka and Jason Haché said...

I love (and miss!) Lake Selmac! One of these years, we'll have to include it in a trip to Eureka, introducing our kids to one of my favorite childhood memories!