Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today is March 4. Thirty seven years ago today I gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Sarah Louise. Sarah warmed our hearts, brought us joy and eased the pain of losing our baby boy two years earlier. Bill and I reveled in being parents and the blessing that was Sarah filled our hearts and home. She walked on the day after her first birthday when Grandma McNally was visiting. She soon welcomed her little sis, Liz just 17 months later. Sarah always looked out for her sisters. She translated Liz's gibberish, protected her and gave her piggy rides.

When Sarah was four her baby sister, Beka arrived. Those years were full and whizzed by fast and furious.

The girls grew up and our family was bound in the bonds of faith, happiness and contentment. All too soon the little girls grew up, flew the nest and established their lives and homes elsewhere. Each of them made us so very proud. Sarah moved from sales with Sears, management positions first with McDonald's, then with Macys, finally becoming a stock broker.
At 29, Sarah left us a couple of days before Christmas. We still miss her so very much. I am proud to have been her mother. Sarah taught us many things. Selflessness, generosity and love. In the Fall before she died, she planted 100 daffodil bulbs at my house so that they would bloom and remind me of her....daffodils are my favorite flower and her birth flower. Sarah, today I see the daffodils on your birthday and think of you....actually I think of you every day. Today is a bittersweet day, but I know that someday I'll see Sarah again.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post & beautiful flowers. Reading this was a blessing to me as I still struggle with the loss of my momma. Thank you,

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Sending a hug {{{{ }}}}

BevH said...

Beautiful flowers..a wonderful reminder of a beautiful young woman. Hard to believe it has been 8 years. Your heavenly reunion is going to be spectacular!