Friday, July 20, 2012

Where have I been?

I have no excuse.  Where have I been, you ask?

Well, let's see.....June 10 (over a month ago!) Mr. Scottie Dog, daughter Liz, granddaughter Sydney and I loaded up the car and went to San Luis Obispo to see our dear friend, Samantha Trehearne graduate with her BS degree in Architectural Engineering.  Quite an accomplishment for an up and coming 20 year old!  We've known Sam from the days she sewed with us at Kid's Camp at Scottie Dog Quilts.  She worked for us occasionally as does her mother, Crystal.  We cheered her on as she tackled Jr. College while still in high school and as she went on to CalPoly.  We salute you, Sammy!

After Graduation we drove to LA for a wonderful trip to Disneyland!  Mr. Scottie Dog and I went for one day.  We had a great time.  Sydney hated loved riding on Indiana Jones...she had to go twice!  Grandma screamed on Splash Mountain and we all cooled off on Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was great to watch the Fantasmic show--a laser show projected on sprays of water with music, fireworks and live action figures too.  As the sun was setting we did my favorite ride...It's a Small World.  The next day Liz and Sydney went back to the park and we drove a bit around LA.  In the afternoon I boarded a plane for Minnesota!

I can't find my photos (maybe tomorrow) but I had a wonderful time with Jakob, Mercedes, Shiloh and Anastacia.  They had colored pictures for me and taped them on my door....I think Mercedes used half a roll of tape putting hers up.  It was a nice welcome.  We did what I love to do....went to the beach at Cleary Lake, walked around Featherstone Lake, went to the playground, ate dinner on the deck, watered the garden, read books, went to the Library and the Zoo...and just hung out together.  It was a glorious 2 weeks.

For the past few weeks I've just done what I usually do.  I taught several classes at our store, I have done a bit of sewing and I've gone to my Aqua Aerobics classes.  We had Sydney over a couple of times and we went to hear Mr. Scottie Dog and the Humboldt Accordioneers play.  It's good to be home.  I've got two trips planned in the next several weeks but I'll wait until next time to tell you about them.  For all of you who have emailed me, I'm fine and well.  I think if you take a little break from blogging it is just too easy to let it slide....I'll do it tomorrow.  And we all know how often tomorrow comes!!!

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Carol E. said...

welcome back. Good to read about your happy life.