Friday, April 19, 2013

Sewing Day in Ferndale

Today I went to the little Victorian Village of Ferndale for "Pieceful Days."  This is a wonderful quilting/sewing retreat held monthly by my dear friends, Weezie and Angela.  They are a great Mother/Daughter team and remind me of Liz & me.  I was picked up by my friend Geri....she had a blended Chai drink for me waiting in the car.  What a great girl friend.  The drive to Ferndale takes about 20 minutes. Once you cross Fernbridge over the Eel River the landscape turns to dairy lands....cows and lush green grazing lands.  Down the road is Main Street full of colorful Victorian storefronts.
Mostly I worked on a quilt I'm making for Shiloh.  I'm using a Row by Row pattern I found here.  It's from Bee In My Bonnet Blog.  Just click on the sidebar button on her page that says, "Bee In My Bonnet Row A Thon."  There are many more rows that I may or may not use.  I adapted the house row with the addition of Shiloh's name in wonky letters and the little trees.  The bottom row of "Asterisk" blocks is my addition too.  I also made a row of mugs/cups today.
See the great portable design wall my blocks are on?  I know, it looks just like a piece of gray flannel.  But it's really quite slick the way it just pops together to hold my blocks on.  I've wanted one for a long time and now we sell them in the store...great, huh?
Judy and I walked to the quaint Ferndale Grocery for a deli sandwich at noon....mine was so big and wonderful I could only eat half....which meant I had dinner too! About 7:30 it was back to the grocery for ice cream bars!  Some of the gals walked to some of the restaurants for lunch and, I was there to sew!
This next photo is just a sneak peek at the little doll quilt I made for my my partner in the monthly Doll Quilt Swap.  When I know she has received it, I'll show you the whole thing.
So that's it....a day in the life.  Sewing from 9 am until 10 pm.  A dream of a day.!!!


Tanya said...

I love your bright and cheerful row quilt. I'm going to go visiting your link. Maybe I'll be inspired!

Little Quilt Shop said...

Just saw the quilt from Bee In Your Bonnet...LOVE her work...another online quilt friend made that quilt for their granddaughters bday in is on my list..