Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm a Great Auntie!

After my post yesterday I got several messages as to when I became a Great Auntie.  Here's the scoop:

In February my niece Kim gave birth to my first Great-niece.  Harper Lillian.  Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful little lady. Her middle name is Lillian is after her maternal great grandmother. Here are mother and daughter. Both beauties.

One of the special things about Harper is that she made my brother a Grandpa!  Here I think brother Pat is actually sleeping on the job.

Harper wears the latest fashions with ease!  Always a smile on her face too. Do I see a modeling career in her future?

I'm not sure why, but this is one of my favorite photos of little Harper.

Liz and I made Harper a quilt...gray and white in the French Roses pattern.  It has rough and fuzzy edges, quite tactile.  We thought it was fun and yet sophisticated for our special lady.  Here she smiles for the camera while lying on her quilt.

This is the cutest video my brother sent to me of Harper rolling over on her quilt.  Love her squeals of delight.

Now you've met Miss Harper...I love her so.  I guess I am just a sucker for any next generation children in our family.  Can't wait to see you again, honey!

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