Friday, January 20, 2017

YMCA to the Rescue

I'm sure you remember it....the catchy song from 1978 by the Village People:  YMCA.  Just click here and you can listen to it.  The cop, Indian, cowboy, construction worker and more.  Every high school dance played the record and teens flailed their arms up and around trying to spell out Y..M.C.A.

As a kid I didn't have much experience with the YMCA.  They sponsored a trip to Disneyland really cheap with bus included each Summer and my Mom happily sent us for a day of peace.  In our town the YMCA was pretty much for boys.  There WAS a YWCA but if I recall correctly (and it HAS been a long time) they had a reading room and helped out "girls in trouble." I went to the public library for my reading material.

So here I am in Minnesota in January.  My activity level has gone down drastically because we now live in the country, the snow is deep and the drive and roads are too icy to walk on.  I still get in 10 or more flights of stairs but not so many steps.  I had checked out a few gyms but I have arthritic knees and hips and weights and elliptical machines and the like aren't for me.  I'm not a weight lifting kind of gal either.  I want a pool for my dream exercise (besides walking) is aquatic exercise.  Be it calisthenics, dance, jazzercize in the pool or just plain walking in the water I love it.  LOVE it!  My good friend and neighbor Laura said she had joined the YMCA in Prior Lake just 12 miles from my house.  She'd love to pick me up two days a week and she sent me a copy of their classes.  Imagine my delight to find there is a water exercise class nearly every hour of the morning!  So I joined the YMCA on Wednesday.

I learned quickly no photographs so this is a stock photo of one of my favorite things.   The Vortex!  I call it the not-so-lazy river.  If I walk against the water flow on the inside I can only keep it up for about 20 minutes.  I tried it on the outside and it knocked me off my feet!  There are two pools.  

Just to the left of this picture is the lap pool.  This is where I can take my classes.  I've been twice so far and hope to make it 3-4 times every week.  Half an hour on my own....walking in the Vortex, exercising in the pool next to it and then an hour of instruction.  Finally a dip in the hot tub.  AHHHH.  I tell you  the hometown YMCA was never like this.  I watch Korban on Mondays sometimes and I can take him to the child care indoor playground I've ever seen with a very very low ratio of kids to care givers.  I might even take a tap dance class. You never know. Maybe I'll ask the trainer to help me use some of the equipment in the gym.  But I probably won't join the basketball team.  Just sayin.....


The Quilting Elf said...

Best wishes for continued success on your exercise adventure! I've joined a local gym, too, and hope to develop a habit of going so it become a fully ingrained part of my lifestyle. I had fun recently quilting one of the Sunshine tops that Kathleen assembled at Lake Tahoe using your crumb blocks. I loved the little animals that helped me quilt - see my blog post here:

Kathy T. in Tampa

Tanya said...

Ah... you and I on the opposite sides of the ocean are doing about the same thing. I walk the pool too about twice a week (no vortex) and I swim laps another two times a week. Maybe once a month or so I get in an aquabics class which seems to be the greatest challenge! I'd go more often but I often have work on that day. The walking doesn't seem like exercise to me, the swimming some.

By the way, Japan adapted the YMCA song into their own language and it was a bit hit maybe 30 years ago. Many people in Japan can do the YMCA dance!

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