Monday, December 7, 2009


It's been cold in our neck of the woods....I understand it's been cold all around the country, Beka in Minnesota has snow, more snow and a blizzard coming tomorrow (what does this bode for Global Warming?)............... (that's a joke, I don't need to be educated on either side of the issue!) When I got in the car tonight after class the digital thermometer located on the rear view mirror said, "ICE" and then "32" degrees. Hmm, I'd never seen that before. It kept flashing between the two all the way home (although the temp. dropped to 30 before I got home.

We cut wood yesterday again, this time in a different place. Actually in the opposite direction. Last week we cut wood on National Forest Lands. The wood we cut was mainly trees that had naturally fallen...fir & pine. Last Tuesday we heard about a place out in Redwood Valley where the Bureau of Land Management has cut down all the oak trees in one area because they want to encourage the evergreens: fir, pine and redwoods. What is odd (to me anyway) is that there was an enormous acreage not too far away where they had cut down the evergreens so as to encourage the growth of the oaks. Go figure! Anyway, BLM was allowing 2 cords per day to be cut with a $20 permit. The prospect of getting oak was encouraging as it goes farther when burned as it's a hardwood.

This time they used a chain and a rope around the long oak logs and hooked it to one of the trucks. Then someone would drive & pull the big logs down the hill to a staging area. Kind of like a cowboy would lasso a bull and pull it to where they wanted. Sydney and I had our fun time. However at one time she asked me to sing to her. She was cold so I wrapped my quilt around her, help her tight to my side and I began to sing Christmas Carols. She soon fell asleep. With nothing else to do, I took a nap too! Hard work for Grandma!

And that's wood cutting for 2009. Now to get it cut, split and stacked.


Carol E. said...

They say that global warming will actually cause some areas to get colder. I don't know which areas, however.

Anonymous said...

Big House on the Prairie! Please let me give you a lesson on "global climate changes" - heh heh heh - it's really very simple! In some climates, it is cozier to back the quilt in flannel. Lesson learned. In other climates, God willing, Minkee is nice. Did I have you going? Great to be home! Love, Judy Palmer