Saturday, December 12, 2009

Only in Eureka...

Only in Eureka do we have The Christmas Trucker's Parade. It's been going on for years now...I don't know how many, since my kids were in Jr. High I think. I remember the second year or so Mr. Scottie Dog loaded me up in his pick-me-up truck (I had been released from the hospital just the day before after having emergency gall bladder surgery) and we'd parked in the old "Burger Time" parking lot and watched the parade go by on Broadway (Highway 101). I could hardly walk, but he wanted me to "get out for awhile."

The parade doesn't go on Broadway anymore and they tore down Burger Time ages ago and built a Jack-in-the-Box but the Parade lives on! For a fee (which goes to charity) truckers can outfit their trucks with lights, reindeer, Nativity Scenes, snowmen, Santa & the like, blare their horns...."Jingle Bells" sounds like this: Honk, Honk, Honk....... Honk, Honk, Honk........ Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk. tone blasting over and over and over. One van was playing Christmas Carols but I couldn't really tell what they were playing.

I "borrowed" this picture from my friend Amanda's Facebook page (thanks, Amanda!) of one of the better decorated trucks.

Most of the trucks were fire trucks or tow trucks...the parade route is one block from Liz's house so we were invited to come for the parade and dinner. It went by early so we watched first, loading the kiddies into Steve's pickup bed, Mr. Scottie Dog & I in a tandem chair and the other adults standing behind. The street was 2-3 people deep as far as you could see. One enterprising lad was selling mistletoe and hot cocoa (I'm assuming not in the same cup!).

After the parade we made it back to Liz's where she & Larissa had made sushi....yum! Sushi, a salad and I'd made a Christmas tree out of stacked sugar cookies. We all ate too much....wouldn't have been a Christmastime event I guess if we hadn't.

So goes another Christmas tradition in Eureka, CA. Does your locale have any interesting Christmas traditions/events?


BevH said...

there are many things I miss about Eureka, living now in Oregon, (that includes SDQ and YOU!) but a bit one that I miss is the trucker parade. My family always made fun of me for loving it, but it made Christmas for me...all the lights and sounds, even the monotone Jingle Bells on the airhorns. Thanks for posting such a great picture.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

I think I like reading about the truckers parade more than the few times I actually attended it... the jingle bell honk was a little much!!! But traditions are fun, even the weird ones!!! There is a Winterfest here in Savage, we didn't go last year, and don't think we will this year (we're busy that night), but maybe one year we'll check out what funny things Savage, MN does for Christmas!!!