Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grandma's gone to Minnesota!

On Wednesday I said goodbye to Mr. Scottie Dog quite early at the Eureka/Arcata Airport and walked through security. I was questioned by the TSA concerning a bottle in my carry-on. "Oh," I said, "that's full of seeds and seasonings." "Like.....drugs?" he said. "Nooo, like....Los Bagels' Slug Slime." This is full of toasted sesame seeds, garlic, onions, coarse salt and so much more. It is the topping Los Bagels puts on it's Slugs...they're sort of straight holes...just, well, just like slugs! Sooo good. If you have never had a Los Bagels bagel you haven't had the best! I was taking a bottle of seasoning to Beka. One of the many things you can't get in Minnesota.

My flight was pretty much uneventful. We even got in to Minneapolis 20 minutes early! On Friday Jakob and I had to make cookies....that's all he's talked about for weeks...making cookies with Grandma. I made him a special apron per his instructions. Dinosaurs on one side, trains on the other.
Grandma decided we'd make to roll into balls and then roll in cinnamon sugar. We had a good time and made some cookies too!
Beka is ready to have her Baby. NOW! We went to the midwife yesterday morning and she was told that it would probably be this weekend. An induction has been scheduled for next Thursday but we're hoping for NOW! After the appointment Beka decided to try to help the baby along. 30 minutes of step exercise on the Wii. We bowled, juggled and played "chicken" on the Wii. Then Beka ran up and down their 3 level's worth of stairs for 15 minutes. She vacuumed the stairs, basement and living room. Then she mopped the kitchen. During this time the kids played outside on their deck.
Aren't my grandbabies the cutest? Jakob will turn 4 the end of March and Mercedes had her 2nd birthday last week. Jakob had hand trowels and cars out there to play in the snow. Mercedes just wanted to eat snow. Even with chattering teeth, they protested coming in.
Beka spent the evening sitting and bouncing on the big exercise ball. But no baby.
Today Beka & Jason went to the Mall of America for some power-walking. Sadies and Jakob are sleeping and Grandma is reading and smiling....after all, she's helping out with the grandbabies, hugging, kissing & spoiling them....that's what Grandama's are for!
Miss you, Mr. Scottie Dog! Miss you Sydney-girl! We got a camera today so be sure to SKYPE us!>


Beka and Jason Haché said...

I am LOVING having you here with us Mom! Thanks so much for putting your "regular life" on hold for a month to come and spend time with us! Now we just need this baby to come out and meet his/her grandma!!!

Liz Scott Adams said...

Yay! We need a skype date for this afternoon. 5ish pacific time? I want to show you the bag I made yesterday.

Carol E. said...

Well, I figured the baby would come during the worst of the snowstorm. No?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Minnesota! And what a happy reason to be visiting.

七爺芭怡 said...