Friday, January 29, 2010

Tea Party at Grandma's

For several weeks now, Sydney and I have talked about having a Tea Party at my house. We've made plans that haven't worked out and finally we decided Thursday was the day. I'm leaving for Minnesota next week and she was going to be away for the weekend. Wednesday night she stayed over at Grandma & Grandpa's house. We made a cake for the party.
We baked one cake and several cupcakes for Grandpa.
After breakfast and chores were over on Thursday it was time to frost our cake. The frosting had sprinkles in it!
After frosting the cake Sydney cleaned up the utensils!
We cut the crusts off the bread and made two kinds of tea sandwiches. Ham "fingers" and strawberry cream cheese triangles. Sydney arranged our plate.
We had tangerine slices, pink frosted cookies, nuts and tea, of course, with our cake and sandwiches. Sydney looked for the "squares" (sugar cubes) but I must be out. We dressed in our "going to tea" dresses but forgot to put our hats on. We made polite conversation, made sure our pinkies were extended and had fun. I think Sydney used 12 spoonfuls of sugar by the time we ended. The nice thing was that Sydney went back to Mom after the party....well sugared and satisfied.
I think we'll have another tea soon and ask some friends.