Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Night on the Town

Friday is my day off. I sleep in late and luxuriate in doing what ever I want to do. I usually let the laundry wait until Saturday and count Friday as MY day. I decided to do some errands and when I got home Mr. Scottie Dog told me to dress up and be ready at 5:45 pm. I assumed I could just throw on a dress or skirt and call it good. Humboldt County in on the Redwood Coast of Northern California and known for its' laid back, casual life. Dressing up usually means changing into a sweatshirt without a stain but the jeans you have on are probably OK. I've seen professional people wear jeans and an open neck shirt to a AND women. Even at the fanciest restaurant in the county jeans would be acceptable attire. I may not like it, but it's the truth.

I'm sorry I didn't get photos of last evening. At 5:15 Mr. Scottie Dog appeared....dressed in a suit and tie. Oops...I guess I needed to REALLY get dressed up. I put on the dress I wore to Beka's wedding. It went with a lovely Holly Yashi necklace he'd given me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I don't often have an occasion to wear it. I arranged my hair, I found the earrings that go with my necklace (on the sewing table under a pile of fat quarters!), I put on pantyhose and my high heels (in my case 2" are HIGH heels!). I even put on eye make-up! Now that's a sign I was really dressing up. Can't remember the last time my eyelash curler got a workout. I sprayed with my best perfume (Plumeria from Hawaii), found my long wool coat and a scarf I got when we went to Kiev, Ukraine and I was ready. The look on Bill's face when I came down the hall made it worth while! We've been married 37 years and he still thinks I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen....boy, how our eyes dim with age.

He'd made reservations for Moonstone Grill in Trinidad. Mr. Dog doesn't make reservations. I am not sure why, but if it were left to him they'd never get made. But he did this time. Trinidad is a little town north of Eureka, past Arcata & McKinleyville and on the ocean. Moonstone Grill sits on the edge of Little River where it meets the Pacific at Moonstone Beach. Even after dark the view was lovely as there are lights on the nearby foliage and the foam on the waves was illuminated.

I ordered the Duck...fresh blueberry comfit, brocollini and on a base of polenta....this was a softer polenta, almost a cornmeal custard. Superb! I felt like a queen. Mr. Scottie Dog had the cod special with an unusual rice pilaf dish. We shared a Chocolate Volcano Cake and vanilla bean ice cream they make at the restaurant. It was our Valentine's Day as I'll be spending the month of February in Minneapolis.

It was a special night, out with my special beau. I am blessed indeed.


Beka and Jason Haché said...

I love that my parents love each other so much!!!

And there is a little boy here in MN who is excited to have you here to make Valentine heart cookies with!!

Christine Thresh said...

A night out with your beau -- very good. So Mr. Scottie Dog thought this up all by himself? Men can surprise us every so often.
I'm glad you had such a nice treat. An event worthy of your necklace.

Stephanie said...

Way to go Mr. Bill!!!