Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Phone Call

Today at work I got a phone call. "Gamma, can I spend the night at your house tonight?"

Sweet, sweet words for a Grandma to hear. Mom brought her to the store about 5 pm. Grandpa picked us up about 6 pm. We went to McDonald's for dinner so she could play on the play structure. Then on to Humboldt Accordionairs Jan. Concert/dance night. Sydney danced every dance. Grandma got roped in on The Chicken Dance & The Cakewalk (wearing a feather boa & twirling a red and white striped umbrella!).

Bake home in time to get the Munchkin in bed, tell her a couple of stories, sing some songs and say her prayers. "Gamma, that was a good prayer. Know why? Because we thanked Jesus BEFORE we asked for stuff." Out of the mouths of babes.