Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sydney's Debut

Sydney had her 5th birthday last month and Auntie Beka & Uncle Jason sent her an accordion. For those who is a Honer and they make wonderful accordions. The first time Sydney showed me her instrument she asked which button she should push to make it play Happy Birthday since Grandpa's accordion always plays that on special days.

Last night was the monthly concert/dance for the Humboldt Accordionaires and Sydney was ready to go with her accordion. While Grandpa and the other 20+ musicians set up, Sydney set up her snazzy red accordion right next to Grandpa. Mr. Scottie Dog is sporting a new-to-him accordion himself these days. The first couple of songs, Sydney sat next to me in the back of the hall (I was binding a couple of quilts) "waiting" a bit to play. She danced a couple of numbers with Caleb...her "older beau." Caleb just turned 9. Then Sydney decided she was ready for her musical debut......She wandered up front, stood by Grandpa and proceeded to "play" with the big boys and girls.

They were quite understanding and announced over the loudspeakers that Sydney would be joining the group. So she pulled and pushed the "squeeze box" and pushed a few of the buttons. Doesn't she look happy? Pretty soon Grandpa is going to give her lessons.

After she played a few numbers they asked the 100 or so gathered to give a round of applause to the littlest Accordionaire.
One of the songs that is played nearly every month is When the Saints Go Marching In and a bunch of ladies hand out feather boas and umbrellas for the Cakewalk. Sydney and Caleb are always in the parade...he brings his own umbrella.

Looks like fun, doesn't it.


Denisehyeong said...

Her glowing face (and Mr Scottie Dog's) say it all. Lots of love and laughter in that room!

jen duncan said...

THAT is a hoot and a holler ;-) One of the reasons I love small towns like ours.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

So glad Syd is enjoying it!!