Saturday, March 27, 2010

It was a sunny day!

Today was a sunny day and I didn't have to work. Mr. Scottie Dog planned a day trip for us. All I had to do was show up...dressed. He said I couldn't wear my nightgown.

First off we drove to the Victorian Town of Ferndale, CA about 20 miles south of Eureka and went to the Ferndale Museum. We've been before several years ago but since they change out their exhibits it was time to visit again. They've remodeled the building inside and out. Mr. Scottie Dog especially liked the old telephone exchange exhibit but my favorite was the 1903 bathroom. A built-in, wood surround zinc filled buckets and brought the water into the indoor plumbing yet! When you pulled the plug in the tub it drained down a tube and out the window! A shaving strop hung by the sink. We enjoyed all the indoor exhibits and then the old machinery in the 'barn.'
By then it was time for lunch so we strolled up Main Street and decided to go to Lost Coast Bakery & Cafe.
I'm not sure Mr. Scottie Dog realized they were a Vegan Cafe at first, but we had a table in the sun in the courtyard and he tried a grilled tofu & vegetable wrap. I had the tamari portobello mushroom on focacia bread. YUM! Bill didn't know a blue corn chip from a piece of moldy cardboard but ate them any way. The sandwiches came with fresh pineapple, strawberries and the biggest, sweetest blackberries I've had in a long time. Bravo! Mr. Dog...I'm proud of you for trying Vegan (he said the tofu tasted a lot like an omelet).
Of course Main Street in Ferndale is a treat for the colorful, always an inspiration.
The farms and farm houses are always fun to see too. We drove south to Rio Dell by the back way. We saw their new Mini Golf course (only one for 250 miles around) and said we want to take the grands there.
Through Scotia, the last of the lumber company towns we stopped at Hobby Market for drinks.
Now we were ready to drive Avenue of the Giants. click here for a fun video ride through The Avenue of the Giants.
We stopped in for a hike at Bull Creek where the World's Tallest Tree 'used to be.' The tree is still there but the last time they measured it was 1959 and then it was just a few inches shy of 359'. In the 1970's they declared a tree north of Eureka as the tallest. About 365' or so, if I remember correctly. Then in the 90's it was south of us near Ukiah. Now it is somewhere else nearby, but what is funny is that they don't really measure the older trees again. Bill suspects that perhaps the one at Bull Creek really IS the tallest currently.

Here's my honey today posing for me next to a tall tree. Not THE tallest tree, but heck, all the trees are so tall you can't see the tops anyway. The redwoods are beautiful and I always enjoy a drive through the local forests. We've got huge redwoods in our yard too. Come visit me and I'll give you a tour!


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jen duncan said...

What a fun day and a super terrific husband! Thanks for the heads up on the mini golf in rio dell. I had no idea!

Trish said...

What beautiful photos! Main street looks so nice. Thanks for sharing.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

ditto to Corrie and Laura...

Tanya said...

What a nice day out! Congratulations on enjoying the tofu wrap!

BevH said...

Double ditto to Corrie and Laura and Beka and Jason!

Stephanie said...

Love the story and photos, especially of Ferndale. The color and light are fantastic!