Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't you just love quilters?

No fancy pictures today...just some random thoughts. Don't you just love quilters? Today I worked the 2-9 pm shift. Last Saturday was the Sisters' Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, OR and we always get a bunch of ladies in our store on their way home. Today there was a nice lady who flew from Rhode Island to attend the show and take classes. She rented a car after the show to visit two shops she's "been dying to see." One was Greenbaum's Quilted Forest in Salem, OR and the other was our humble Scottie Dog Quilts here in Eureka, CA in the midst of the Northern CA Redwoods. She spent about an hour, took two bags to her car, will eat seafood at my recommended restaurant and will fly out tomorrow morning back to Rhode Island. It was great to serve her and chat a bit about quilting on the other side of the country.

Then tonight Jenea of Idaho Quiltworks came in. It was wonderful to talk shop with another quilt shop owner. If you are ever in Twin Falls, ID you'll have to stop in and see her and her sister.

Don't you just love quilters? I do.


Anonymous said...

Bren, I thought I recognized the store you recommended -- Idaho Quiltworks. They are actually in Twin Falls, and truly one of the fabulous shops in the west! I always stop by on my way from Colorado Springs to Boise, they're easy to find and have a very friendly staff and excellent selection of fabrics.
- BlondiKnits

Liz Scott Adams said...

Mom, you keep mixing up Idaho Falls and Twin Falls! Twin Falls was having a beautiful Car Show and Parade the night we drove through!