Sunday, July 11, 2010

Long Time, No See...or...I went on Holiday!

Once upon at time, a very long time ago there was a family named McNally. Papa Bob loved to catch fish and Mama Marcella dutifully packed up all the needed family belongings so that every other summer the McNally clan could go to Yellowstone National Park. Papa Bob would catch fish. He would also hustle the little children: BrendaLou, Pat & Denny, down to the river or lake so that he could claim their fishing limits. Once in awhile the little ones caught a fish of their very own. Mostly they ran through the grass, climbed the trees and pinched their noses at the sulphur smells that emanate from the ground in Yellowstone National Park. Mama Marcella would do all the cooking, all the scrubbing and watch out for her family. It was an idyllic time loved by all (including Mama Marcella!).

This top picture is our family in 1959 just before the big earthquake. L-R: Pat, Marcella, Denny, Bob & BrendaLou.

Alas, Mama & Papa are no longer with us, but here are Pat, Denny & BrendaLou all grown up. 2010

I haven't blogged in nearly a month because we've been gone. Mr. Scottie Dog hitched up our big 30' trailer, we picked up Sydney and off we drove...and drove...and drove for the better part of 4 days to get to Yellowstone. As promised Sydney got ice cream every day. We drove through forests and cities and deserts (surprisingly green even in late June) and prairies. We slept in the trailer every night. Literally 1/2 mile into the park we saw two bald eagles and before we even got to our camp ground Sydney and I saw two moose, several bison, a coyote, prairie dogs, squirrels, chipmunks, swans, pelicans, blue jays, deer...more, I just cannot remember them all. At the campground we found Liz & Steve and passed Sydney off to them.

About 2 am Beka & Jason & 3 grandbabies arrived and we set up the beds for them to share with us in the trailer. It was such a nice and friends joined us for nearly a week.

There was so much to see and do....sometimes we took naps. Jakob & Sydney.
Remember the picture at the top? Well, Mom & Dad, here we all are. Thinking of you and the memories you gave us. On to the 3rd generation enjoying Yellowstone. No one caught a fish, but it wasn't for trying!
PS....our trip wouldn't have been complete without our friends who came too: The Caldwell Family, Crystal & Sam, Lori & Nathan (who celebrated his 16th birthday Camp Style)


pajudie said...

What a wonderful tradition to carry on. I'm sure your parents are looking down and smiling :o)

Lynda Milligan said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing some of your memories.