Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June is busy for Sydney

Last week Sydney graduated from Preschool. Mr. & Mrs. Sanders run a fabulous Preschool: "Rebecca's Sunnybrook Farm." She has been nurtured and educated there Mon, Wed, Thurs for the past two years. She returns tomorrow for summer fun, but technically school is over until she enters Kindergarten in the Fall. They had their program last Wednesday night.Sydney (l), best friend Madison (r) and their classmates march in to Pomp & Circumstance played on Mr. Sanders' kazoo.
Up on stage Sydney catches sight of Grandma! The kids took their turn singing with the microphones. Syd's turn came when they sang "This Little Light of Mine."
Afterwards: Madison, Sydney, Emma and Kaia. Madison is moving to Arcata next month. Sydney is heartbroken. She thought she'd never see Madison again. Then the wise mother explained that she and Madison's Mom have been friends since they were tiny and Carrie lived in Arcata and Liz lived in Eureka and they are STILL friends even now that they are all grown up. Emma & Kaia are daughters of one of Liz's Blue Bird friends. I love that my children's children are friends.

Saturday night meant a sleep-over at Grandma & Grandpa's. Sunday School on Sunday morning and then since the weather was good we drove to Rio Dell to Redwood Mini Golf. If you haven't gone yet, be sure to go. We all had a great time. If we'd known they had food we would have eaten there. Hot Dogs are only $1.99. They are open 7 days a week and we all highly recommend them.
Sydney is jumping for joy! She got her ball in with only 4, er, 5, er 6 or maybe 7 shots. Mr. Scottie Dog got two hole in ones. You'll find Paul Bunyan, a church, Eel River Sawmill and even PalCo Lumber Co. Instead of the usual windmill for hole #18 they have an outhouse and you try to hit the potty. Mine *almost* went in the toilet.....

Tonight was Humboldt Accordionaires with Mr. Scottie Dog getting to play with Gary Blair from Scotland. Sydney danced the night away. Here's a little video.

June has been busy around here.

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Carol E. said...

I like the creative dance moves! And I see Grandma looking on proudly. Syd got a haircut?