Monday, June 14, 2010

It's fun to sew with friends!

Are you a quilter, crafter, knitter and such? You enjoy creating your craft...the planning & choosing of a project, picking out your materials (be they fabric, paper, plastic, yarn, wood, etc.), beginning it, working on your creation whenever you have time. One thing that can enhance the whole process is to share it with like-minded friends. My hubby plays music. Tonight while I was working late, he and 20+ other musicians gathered at Somoa Cookhouse for a dinner with a musician from Ireland.

I like to gather with my quilting friends for Sew-Days. I went to my good friend, Loris' Sew-In a week ago Saturday. What fun we all had, laughing, eating, sewing and getting great inspiration from each other's work. Nancy made this from a Jelly Roll. I really like the squares and rectangles.

This past Saturday Laura invited us to a Sew-day.
She made the inside of this quilt from little tumblers cut on the AccuCut machine. Looks like it's being enjoyed already!

I've been working on a 1930's French Roses Quilt (Heather French is the designer). All the flowers are sewn with raw edges. After the quilt is washed they edges of each layer will fluff and ruffle. This quilt is for the small guest room bed where Sydney sleeps on a regular basis (and my Minn. grandchildren when they come too!). I'm still working on some applique (again, raw edge) for the borders.
Lastly I sewed up this, as yet, un-named Tree Skirt. It will be the 2010 Tree Skirt pattern that we kit up for Christmas. I imagine we'll do it in two Christmas lines. Watch for a matching Table Runner soon!
It's so much more fun when you can sew with others. At Scottie Dog Quilts we have Sit 'N Sews on Monday nights, Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings. There's always a teacher there so no excuses if you can't understand what to do next! Get those UFO's (unfinished objects) finished.

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