Thursday, June 3, 2010

Syd can sew!

Today when I came into the store, Sydney greeted me with, "Gamma....will you teach me to sew?" Everything I wanted to accomplish at work went right out the window. How could I resist that request? Sydney found some pieces in the scrap drawer and we got out her sewing machine. It's a white (slightly green) Singer 221 Featherweight. She wanted to make an apron for her doll. I'd say she did a good job. I had taped the foot pedal to a box and we patiently sewed the apron. Mostly she sewed a straight line. Good sewing for a 5 year-old.

Tonight was the last meeting for Redwood Empire Quilter's Guild for the "guild year." They don't meet in July or August, so in June there is a pot luck meeting. The theme was "Hawaiian." I didn't get the memo on the theme but obviously Ann & Carolyn did.Don't they look happy!A view of the room. My plate is's so nice to eat what others cook.
One of the best things at any guild meeting is Show & Tell. Here are 6 of the 8 ladies who joined together to make this quilt.
One gal had taken a photo of some pottery in a garden setting and divided the photo into 8 sections. She blew it up, created line drawings for each section and gave one to each of the quilters. They had a tiny photo (2" X 3") for true color of their section and the actual line drawing. Some sections were embellished, some were 3-dimensional, all were fantastic. Each section was quilted by the creator, then sewn together on the front and the back seams were covered with bias. They will be selling the quilt to raise $$ for a charitable organization (still to be determined). Well done, ladies.

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love the picture of sydney! :) super cute!