Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 9-Patch Project

Today is June 1...The first day of the 9-Patch Project. It is simple...you just make one 9-patch block each day beginning with June 1 and finishing on August 31. At the end of the summer you'll have 92 blocks...that's right, 92! What can you do with 92 blocks? Imagine the possibilities.
What are the rules, you ask? Well, really there are no real rules. You make one block each day. One 9-Patch block made up of 9 squares. That's the rules. What size? What size to you want to make? 3"? 4.5"? 6"? 9"? 12"? It's up to you. In fact, you can make them different sizes if you want.

How do you color them? That's up to you too. Make a traditional 9-Patch with two fabrics. Put a different color in the center. Use 9 different fabrics...use up your stash or buy some of that fabric you've had your eye on.

You can join the 9-Patch Project at Facebook here. You can post pictures of your blocks or be inspired by the pictures others post.

By the end of the summer, we of the 9-Patch Project will show you several setting options.

Here are the sizes of squares to cut for various sized blocks:

Cut 1 1/2" squares for 3" Blocks
Cut 2" squares for 4 1/2" Blocks
Cut 2 1/2" squares for 6" Blocks
Cut 3 1/2" squares for 9" Blocks
Cut 4 1/2" squares for 12" Blocks

Remember your seam allowances are 1/4." Press seams on first and third rows towards the outside squares and press seams on the center row towards the center square. This way the seam allowances will nestle and reduce the bulk on the back of your 9-Patch Block.

I'm going to make my block, are you?

PS. If you miss a day, don't stop....just pick up where you ended. Or make an extra one. It's so simple you could just make 7 blocks one day of the week and be done with it.

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