Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Broken Window

Just after midnight the telephone was the Eureka Police Department asking if we owned Scottie Dog Quilts at 301 W. Harris. Affirmative. The officer proceeded to tell us that someone had broken a window and they had the culprit in custody. Mr. Scottie Dog got up, put his clothes on and drove down to the store.

Here's the story: Around midnight an intoxicated man was walking near our store. Another man was riding his bike to WinCo (a 24 hour grocery store down the street). As they passed they exchanged words. Then the cyclist heard glass breaking and turned around to see the intoxicated man groaning and moaning with a bloodied hand walking away from our store. The cyclist called the police and followed the miscreant and the police were able to apprehend the suspect and hauled him off to jail. Seems he has an anger problem and has been known to do damage before.

Bless Mr. Scottie Dog...he spent a very long hour in the middle of the night picking glass out of the window frame and off the ground and then putting up the plywood over the window.

This morning he came and took measurements for the new glass. Does anyone know how hard it rained all day long? So unusual for June, but it poured pretty much continuously most of the day. I went out about 4 pm into the damp to get this picture. The glass is in my dining room until the rain stops long enough to be installed. Thanks Mr. Dog!


Cindi said...

How scary! I'm glad it was only a troublemaker venting his anger, and not vandals who could have caused major damage.

Kudos to your DH for being such a love!

Tanya said...

Well, at least it wasn't deliberate and no one was threatened or hurt.

Bonnie said...

There is something about vandalism that makes you feel unsafe, violated. When we lived on I Street someone through a rock through our large plate glass window. On a side note, are you going to expand now that the office next door is vacant?