Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is nearly over here at the Scott House. It's been a day of fun and laughter, of remembering and gratefulness.

This morning I got a phone call, "Gamma...when are you going to pick me up?" "On my way Sydney!" Picked up this delightful 5 year old and off we went to the grocery store. I've been there every day this week; you would have thought I had enough. But still needed a few things. As we passed the olives I asked Sydney if she thought we needed some for Christmas Eve dinner. "Nope." she said. I then asked if she thought we needed them to put on our fingers and she quickly said we definitely needed them.

We picked up Mama's gift and came back home. Liz called to add another family to our Christmas Eve Crab Feast...of course there is always room for the Caldwell family at our table! Larissa & Lewis and their 3 munchkins are considered part of our family. Mr. Scottie Dog cooked and picked crab for everyone, I made salad and Liz made a shrimp & Parmesan pasta. Add some sourdough bread, crab Louie sauce and we have a feast!

Sydney helped me decorate, set the table and make some cookies for dessert. She and Mr. Scottie Dog got his vintage Lionel trains running around the Christmas Tree. These vintage trains are from the very early 1920's and were given to his dad for Christmas. There are crates and crates of track, buildings & cars. The only place I've ever seen them before is at the California State Railroad Museum. He's got quite a collection.

After dinner Sydney got to open a gift under the tree...there were only 3. One for our cats and one for her cats (we bought kitty treats at the store today) and one I had placed there. "Merry Christmas Curious George." So we made Sydney a bed beside the tree, read the book, said her prayers and she went to sleep with the twinkling tree lights and visions of Christmas Morning dancing in her head.

Liz and Steve headed home...they'll be back at the crack of o'dawn thirty and we'll open our gifts and have brunch. I hope that all of you have a wonderful Christmas. The most important thought I can leave you with is that the Baby Jesus grew up to give his life that you might come to know God the Father. Bless you all.

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Christine Thresh said...

Merry Christmas.
Your gathering sounds so nice.
Have a very good day.