Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes, that's right, post 300 today! I didn't realize it until I started to write this. There should be a give-away and I promise I'll figure out one tomorrow as it's too late to do tonight.

It's a new year...Twenty Eleven (at least that's how I'm going to start saying it) is here...and I didn't even send out all my Christmas cards. Here's one for YOU!
The pictures were taken this summer at Yellowstone National Park. This is a traditional photo opp for my family...This picture includes Mr. Scottie Dog and I, daughters Liz (with hubby Steve & granddaughter Sydney) and Beka (with hubby Jason & grands Jakob, Mercedes and Shiloh), my brother Pat (and wife Debbie) and brother Denny (and wife Carey).
Tomorrow is my birthday. Not a milestone birthday, but pretty close! I celebrated last Thursday night with a bunch of wonderful women. Four of us were celebrating birthdays and we all went to Bay One Teppanyaki. So much fun! For once in my life I sat at the rowdy table!
Twelve of us sitting around the grill. Oh, birthday was certainly celebrated. Tomorrow's actually the day and I'm staying home and sewing to my heart's content on MY projects. The family is going to have a little party for me on Friday night. Can't wait.

New Year's was quiet around our house. We took inventory at the store and I was in bed early. Mr. Sun was out today and it was beautiful. I think no rain all week is predicted. I could go for that! Happy New Year's to all of you.


Liz said...

Happy Birthday Mom! You're the best!

Christine Thomas said...

Happy Birthday, Brenda. Hope you get to do all that you want.

Tanya said...

Congratulations on hitting 300! You sure don't look that old! (ha-ha!) So nice you were able to get together with your friends for your birthday dinner. Have a good birthday party with your family.

Christine Thresh said...

I love Tanya saying "you don't look that old." Three hundred is a milestone!
I hope you had a fine birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Brenda! Hope it's a very special year for you and yours.
Hugs, Rita