Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grammy's Weekend

Being a Grandma is a wonderful thing! It's my calling at this stage of my life. Oh, yes, I'm still a wife and mom, but I so love being a Grandma. Friday was Mercedes' third birthday. I go to "go" to the party via Skype. While Sadies and her little girlfriends danced in MN at the SweetPea Princess Party Grammy was there, albeit sitting in her living room in CA. Isn't technology wonderful! When Sadies opened her very pink & sparkly princess tennis shoes I got to see and hear her oohs and ahhs and she turned to the camera and said, "thank you Grammy!" Beka made a beautiful pink castle cake and I got to enjoy it too (minus the calories!).

Saturday afternoon Sydney came over to our house. We made brownies for Grandpa, checked out my secret sewing project, played with blocks and she watched "Anne of Green Gables" while I took a nap! We fixed her hot dogs for dinner (Grandpa & Grammy had chicken) and watched Don Knotts, Tim Conway and Bill Bixby in "Apple Dumpling Gang."

This was a favorite movie of my own girls when they were Syd's age. How come they don't make family films like this any more? Just plain fun, a clean story and full of laughs for the whole family.

After Church we had an errand to do. For the past year or two Sydney has expressed an interest in getting her ears pierced. Many of her friends have taken the plunge and while she really wanted to have pretty earrings, Sydney was reluctant as several had told her it hurt quite a lot. On Saturday afternoon she asked if we could get her ears pierced. I knew that I had her parents permission to do so. Syd and I thought it would be fun to get it done on Sunday, go out for ice cream and then surprise her parents with her new earrings.

We made it to the Mall after Church but the Piercing Pagoda wasn't open for another half hour. No problem...right next door is the Mall's playground so she and some other kids climbed and slid and shouted and laughed together.

Soon it was time to get piercing. Grandma had to hold her hand and Sydney was very brave and courageous. She now has ruby red stones in each ear! She looks so grown up. Mom and Dad were so excited.And that was Grammy's weekend.


liz scott adams said...

Sydney is SOOOOO excited and proud of her earrings. She ran up to her teacher this morning to show her. Funny thing about your dinner. She told me that she got to have a hot dog, grandpa had chicken with barbecue sauce and you only got to have salad. Maybe you had chicken on your salad? She told me all this because she said she fell down when she was putting away the barbecue sauce that Grandpa used for his chicken and he was the only one who had chicken so therefore he was the only one who used barbecue sauce and when she fell, she cut her finger and grandpa put a band-aid on it, and all of this was to tell me that she had thrown away the bandaid just now because she didn't need it anymore. Apparently this was all very important information. Then she told me I looked pregnant in my dress. I then explained to her what being overweight meant and why it wasn't a good idea to tell someone they looked pregnant unless they are, and then she told me that maybe I better go to the gym again. Sheesh. This kid is to smart for her own good.

Carol E. said...

She looks so grown up! (Liz's story cracked me up.)

Bevh said...

She doesn't look like the toddler that she has been for awhile. Getting to be a young lady.