Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Nights

What do you do Wednesday nights? I teach a "Sit & Sew" class at Redwood Sewing Center (formerly Scottie Dog Quilts). It all started about 17 years ago when I began teaching quilting in my home on Monday nights. After a couple of years a small craft store asked me to move to their location. For roughly 48 weeks each year I taught Monday night and Tuesday morning quilting..9 of those years at my own store. This past September we decided to switch Monday nights to Wednesday. So now I teach the Sit & Sew class on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights. Geri teaches the Thursday morning classes.

What do I do at a Sit & Sew Class? I give lots of opinions....on color, fabric, patterns and borders. I cut fabric for customers. I teach how to get those seams a true one quarter of an inch. I show how to use a rotary cutter, how to put on binding, how to figure out how much fabric one needs for a border or a backing. I help thread a pesky machine. And sometimes I get to work on a project of my own while doing all of the above.

But the BEST OF ALL is all the Show and Tell I get to see. Tonight Sue J. T. showed off her BQ3 quilt (pattern by Debbie Bowles) made with "boy" fabrics.

Then she showed off another nearly completed quilt in which she has combined printed fabric panels, pieced blocks and a realistic road I've seen her make in previous quilts. Sue makes a lot of little boy quilts.Paula finished putting the borders on her Keyhole quilt for an ailing relative. It's a bright and cheery quilt bound to brighten-up any room.
So this is what I do on Wednesday nights. How about you? Tell me what you do on Wednesday nights by commenting on the blog by 9 pm Sunday, January 9. In honor of my 300th posting yesterday I'll send to a randomly picked commenter a jar of my homemade Jalapeno Jelly. It's REALLY good!


Sue Johnson-Thissell said...

Wow teach! Thanks for being such a great insperation. I love Wednesday night group! They are assume! Sue JT

Anonymous said...

Great job i need to do this. Thanks Brenda for teaching us and letting us expand our horizons.

Anonymous said...

On Wednesday nights as well as other evenings, if I am not watching TV, I am usually sitting in my sewing room, sewing or planning to sew. I have had the same new year's resolution for the last three years, to complete old projects. I have completed at least 5 projects a year for the last two years. Of course, I refuse to tell how many new ones I have started. Would love your jalapeno jelly. Kathie

BevH said...

Twice a month, on Wednesdays I go to a mini group where we enjoy each other's company and do handwork on our own projects. I'm currently hand appliqueing a Pacific Rim pattern: Gingkos and enjoying it very much. The other Wednesdays I spend at the sewing machine, working on all those ufos!

Jeannette McLaughlin said...

Great to see Sue's almost finished "heavy equipment" quilt. We were sewing together when she was in the midst of designing and sewing it. I was motivated to start a quilt for my grandson from some wildlife panels I bought after seeing what Sue does. I think I will need her help with some design issues I have run into.