Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Cruise & April Fool's

Our Mexican Quilting Cruise was awesome! No doubt about it. We had a fun group, pictured here with our just one of our cruise projects: Mexican Rivera. I am amazed at how many have finished their quilt. Several ladies finished a Potato Chip Bag (handy over the shoulder bag...named because...."bet you can't make just one!") and I've also seen a few of the appliqué samplers finished. Here we are...even the grands. I had to hunt to find Shiloh but she's there.
Every night our cabin steward had fun towels folded into animals. Jakob is posing with our walrus (who really DID look like a walrus in person). Our family had three rooms. Liz & Steve had an adjoining cabin to ours. The door was nearly always open between the rooms and our balconies joined too. Beka & Jason were in the room across the hall from us but again we nearly always had the doors open so everyone wandered from room to room. Jakob slept in his own upper bunk in our cabin. This was his first sleep-away-from-home with Grammy & Grampy. We got along fine.
Everyone always talks about the food on a cruise. Well, ours didn't disappoint in that respect!

Some of the meals included Lobster & Prawns!

Prawns with the most delish roasted corn!
Mr. Scottie Dog had duck one night.

Here is one dessert I tried: Apple & Bavarian Cream with caramel sauce!

I think I ate pretty well on our trip. For lunch I usually just had a salad. But at dinners I often got two appetizers and ordered two desserts....I'd take a taste of each and pass them on to Bill. I think the favorite dessert was Carnival's signature Warm Chocolate Melting Cake with Vanilla Bean ice cream. I won't tell who ordered two entrés one night....Prime Rib AND wasn't me, but after seeing the Prime Rib I almost asked for some too! We had two formal nights and here's a photo of Mr. Scottie Dog and I....we clean up pretty well! What a handsome man I married!

One last thought....Mr. Scottie Dog has some dietary issues and cannot eat several seasonings and common vegetable. Carnival was willing to work with him each night to fix any dish he wanted without using anything on the forbidden list. I had heard that on a cruise you could ask for a special diet...I imagined Low Fat, Kosher, low carb, no salt, etc. But they took his list of "can't eat" and he had the most fabulous meals. They were even willing to put special dishes in the dining room or buffet for lunch & breakfast too. He was always able to find something yummy to eat then so didn't take them up on that. Hats off to you, Carnival Cruise Line for making Mr. Scottie Dog's meals so fabulous.

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Tanya said...

It sounds so wonderful. How I would love to take a quilting cruise someday. Not just a cruise mind you, a quilting cruise. You and Mr. Scottie Dog look very sweet together.