Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sad Computer

Well, today it has been declared official! My computer is dead. Not sick, not hurting....dead as a door nail. (why is a door nail dead I wonder?.) I should look that up sometime.

I've not posted for a long time because I had some kind of blogger blockage....does anyone really read my blog? Does anyone CARE to read my blog? What do I have to say, anyway? And then when I actually was ready to blog my computer started doing weird things. First I couldn't access my mail (or send any, read any) on my particular computer. Then I found that while I could access FaceBook and comment there, I could READ blogs but I couldn't comment on them.
Get the picture? Weird. Just plain weird.

Then I found that I could access and watch things on Hulu, I couldn't watch anything on my Netflix account. I could GO to Netflix and add to my queue or rate movies but I couldn't watch anything. It was very frustrating. Every day there was some new odd thing I couldn't do or access. I told my husband in frustration all about it. Mr. Scottie Dog suggested I make a list of what software I actually used and back up whatever files I wanted to save. Yeah, I even know what software I use. You see, I am terribly computer illiterate. I can find my way around the Internet, I can use many programs. But are they software? Hardware? Programs? I have always left that up to him. After all, he is the electronic genius (generally a genius about everything!). I promised myself I'd get to it. A couple of times I've gotten a virus and he's always been able to fix and restore my computer back to normal.

Well, late last week I turned on the computer and after a couple of minutes a large notice came up saying, "HARD DRIVE FAILURE." And then the screen when black. Not just
I knew that wasn't good. Mr. Scottie Dog has patiently tried to "restore (?)" it. Things look promising and then the screen says, "Wait..........." After three tries it still waits.

Tomorrow we're going to buy me a new computer. I hope I don't break this one! I'm now using an old laptop of his. But Explorer is so old I can't access pictures, see videos, solve my daily jigsaw puzzle and more. But at least I can still check and send mail. I have a bunch of photos I want to share with you. See you soon!


Debbie at QP said...

Your computer and mine are now in computer heaven together. My office one died and took all my pattern covers to computer heaven with it. The boys have been telling me for years to back up on an external hard drive - do you know how small those things are? And easy to lose???

Barbara said...

Just like everything else, computers have a shelf life. the trick is to get a new one and all the info transferred before the black screen of death. I know this because I didn't on my last one. I now religiously back up all my important stuff each week to an offsite back up center. Gives me a little peace of mind. Sorry for your troubles.

Bev said...

I've heard Carbonite is a great off-site backup and easy to use. Practically automatic. you might check it out.

Christine Thresh said...

I read your blog.
I hope your new computer lasts a long time.
I need to find an off-site backup. I'll check out the one Bev mentioned.

Tanya said...

Oh dear... I'm so sorry that your computer has died. It is always nice to get something new but then you have to spend all that time figuring out how to use it. I would be heartbroken if mine ever went kaput. Hope you will be back and running again soon! Miss you.

jenny at dapperhouse said...

Congratulations! I am awarding you with the Versatile Blogger Award.

Kathy T. said...

Hey! I read your blog and have been missing your quilt news updates and pics. It's so sad to lose a good computer, but you can bond with a new one quickly enough! Good luck finding a replacement.