Saturday, September 10, 2011

Minnesota Quilt Show (a little late!)

More of what I did this summer! I went to the Minnesota State Quilt Guild Show in St. Paul with two friends I met several years ago on the Internet. Both Ann and Carol have visited me here in Eureka several times during our Scottie Dog Quilts Mystery Quilting Retreats. I try to see Carol at least once when I get a chance to visit Minnesota. Ann lives at one end of CA and I live at the other. Too far to visit on a whim. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with them. Here are a few more of the stunning quilts: This one had the longest, thinnest points all pieced into wheels and lovely, exquisite appliqued roses.

Sorry about the lady in the was hard to photograph the quilts alone as there were so many people. I'm not sure why exactly I liked this quilt so much. The colors were more vivid in person but the primitive fish blocks with their bubbles & eyes of buttons, metal rings and disks was amazing.This quilt was amazing too. Where do I start? The machine quilting was fantastic, the piecing was perfect, the applique awesome, and there were 3-D elements that were so creative. See a closer view below.I liked this floral one too. It reminded me of antique English embroidered pieces but was all applique.
Here's a new (not antique) crazy quilt that was stunning. Some of the blocks contained quilt blocks, some were just "crazy."
These last three photos are part of a display called, "The River Crossing Our Borders." I think there were 20 participants and each was given a max & min. size for their piece. My guess is there was some co-ordination on the "size" of the river on the right and left sides of their quilts. They each created a piece that was then hung with the others to form the (Mississippi) RIVER as it meanders through Minnesota. Lots of different interpretations, many different techniques, differing seasons of the year, so many ideas. I spent a long, long time looking at each of these.

I enjoy going to quilt shows. There is so much talent, so much creativity that sometimes it feels as though my head will burst with all the new ideas. I was once told that quilting is a craft as opposed to an art form. HA! Don't believe it for a minute!

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Carol E. said...

Nice quilts! I loved the river ones, too.