Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time Flies.....

2012. Twenty twelve. Two thousand and twelve. It's a new year. Time really does fly. I am sure of it. It seems only yesterday I was three years old and all I worried about was who would push me on my swing.
Life was pretty idyllic. I lived the Leave it to Beaver life. My dad was much like Father Knows Best. While my mom didn't wear pearls, she stayed home, made me three meals a day and played cards nearly every afternoon with two other ladies. She was the Room Mother at school, the assistant Camp Fire Leader, the one who "let" me hang up laundry and iron the easy stuff. She taught me to cook and to love jigsaw puzzles. My brothers and I knew the limits of our neighborhood and we ran wild within them. In no time at all I went to Jr. High, we made a big move out of LA; my days at Redlands Sr. High School went by in a flash.

Three weeks out of high school I met a guy in a tree at Sylvan Park. A week later we got engaged and married two years later .
That brings us up to 1972. I was now 20 years old. Whoosh! In a burst of energy we had kids...three lovely daughters to raise and I remember saying over and over again..."I'll do that when things slow down." The next 40 years raced by. The girls grew up, left home, married. Lots of joyous times and some heartbreaks. But it all happened in a heartbeat.

In 2001 when most women are thinking of retirement I opened up a store. Went from stay at home Mom to Shop Owner in one fell swoop. Retail is a 60-70/hour week. In September our store, Scottie Dog Quilts/Redwood Sewing Center celebrated 10 years in business. How can that be?
Here I am today. In two short days I'll be 60 years old. S.I.X.T.Y. How does that happen? I look forward to the future. Probably not another 60 years, but for now I think I'm going to be happily middle aged.


jen duncan said...

I'll be saying the same thing in the amount of time that will feel like tomorrow, I am sure! Thank goodness 60 is the new 40, huh? ;-)
I can't help but wonder; why on earth is Mr Scottie Dog carrying a briefcase out of the church???

Ritamary said...

Have a very happy birthday Brenda!