Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts....we give them, ponder what to get for this one and that, wrap them all up in colored paper...and we get them too. I think when you grow up you spend more time in the giving than the getting and that's OK. This year I received a few gifts that were quite special. Mr. Scottie Dog sent to me by dogsled (or maybe it was FedEx, I don't remember) a box for Christmas. As a rule we don't really exchange big gifts. If we want or need something we usually just buy it when we can afford to, if not, we save the money up until we have enough and then we buy it. Gifts are just a token between us. So I was so surprised to see the antique-looking heart locket he gave me. Inside were tiny photos of each of us. It's because we spent this holiday apart. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

The I opened a box from Liz and Steve. Inside was a Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I was speechless. I've always wanted one of these. The top was pieced in the 1930's (with fabrics from 1880-1930's) and Liz quilted it for me. The scalloped edge is sweet. She left the binding to me....she knows I LOVE to bind quilts. I love this new quilt!!!!
Sydney gave me a big box too. Inside was a lovely big bowl. It is a work of art! And Sydney made it for me. She wanted it to look like a quilt and it does. Here's the inside "blocks."
The outside is painted like big blocks too. Polka dots, stripes, such color! OK, so I cried a little as I looked at it. What a wonderful treasure. I can imagine eating popcorn out of it, bringing pasta salad to a pot luck in it, serving greens from it. I'll keep it forever.

Of course the bottom is pretty special too.
Lots of other things too, I feel blessed.

We all know that Christmas isn't really about the presents, right? It's really about the Gift in Jesus that God provided His Son to save us from our sins. The real blessing of Christmas is the forgiveness and love for each of us from the Lord above. And the love of family, the caring things they do for us. May all of you feel as blessed as I am.


Christine Thresh said...

What a wonderful bowl. You are blessed.

BevH said...

What wonderful gifts! And this was a Christmas that will be a memory for a lot of years...in a hotel...Bill away. Happy new year, my friend.

Jeff Hardy said...

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Akin Moyer said...

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