Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

Some of the best things about the Christmas Season are the programs put on by schools and Sunday Schools. In Minnesota today, Mr. Scottie Dog had the pleasure of watching our grandson Jakob perform in the Christmas Program at Bethany Church. He had begun learning his part before I come home mid-November.

On Thursday night, granddaughter Sydney was an angel in Redwood Christian School's Christmas musical, Christmas in Reverse. Even as a 1st grader she had a solo part.

She looked the part and was quite good (at least a proud Grammy thought so!).

Then today I joined Sydney, Liz & Steve at the Eagle House in Old Town Eureka. We went because we had it on good authority that Santa (the REAL Santa) would be there. Sure enough he arrived by horse carriage (he's resting up the reindeer for an upcoming long trip). There were tables all set up, home made cookies, hot cocoa with whipped cream, marshmallows AND sprinkles (!) were in abundance. The tables were set with green clothes, holiday decorations and a coloring page which was as it turned out, a letter to Santa. There were games to play (stick the nose on Rudolph and Snowman Snowball toss) and finally it was Sydney's turn to see Santa. How do we know he was the REAL Santa? His eyes twinkled AND he wore a Christmas Crown. His "helpers" only wear red hats trimmed in Red. At least that's what Sydney told me.

Here she is...amazed that Santa had just pulled a chocolate coin from her ear. She whispered to me later...."Gamma, Santa knows magic!" Many thanks to those who put this Cocoa with Santa event together.

I'm sitting here listening to Christmas Carols and thinking of my many blessings. May you also be blessed this Christmas season.

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jen duncan said...

All good news :-) I'm glad life is well for you and the family. Hope to see you soon.