Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in a Hotel

The thought of Christmas brings up many images...snow covered fields, lighted houses, families gathering around the Christmas tree in the living room, Christmas Eve candlelight services and more. One image I never imagined was Christmas in a hotel. Mr. Scottie Dog spent Christmas with our daughter Beka's family in Minnesota this year because of business he needed to conduct. He has been loving the grandkids, holding the new baby and helping out around the house. I have it on good authority he came in quite handy erecting the new basketball freestanding hoop we gave the kids!

I, on the other hand, celebrated with Liz, Steve and Sydney. We took a quick road trip to Grants Pass, Oregon so we could see Steve's Grandma (Sydney's "Grandma the Great) and Sydney's cousins on Christmas Day. We started out early and made a pit stop at Trees of Mystery.
Shouldn't every Christmas Eve start with a visit with a gigantic Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox?

Next stop was Dairy Queen in Cave Junction, OR. This is a treat for those of us living in isolated Eureka. I showed Sydney a photo of what it had looked like 30 years ago when we used to bring her Mama there. Eventually we made it to Cave Junction and our hotel. Sydney had worried Santa wouldn't find her if she wasn't at home but last week when she saw Santa she told him she'd be in Oregon. The hotel was all decorated up for Christmas! A beautiful tree, stockings hung above the fireplace and candles and poinsettias all around. After arriving in our room Sydney hung the stockings with care.She looks pretty excited doesn't she! Mama found a great place for dinner and afterwards we let Sydney open one was the doll her mom had had as a girl and Grammy had made a bunch of new doll clothes. (notice The Sound of Music playing on the TV!)
Right after the doll clothes were all tried on, we put on Home Alone, hoping Sydney would soon be asleep. Nope, she watched the whole thing. Afterwards we waited for her to fall asleep. Finally Steve and Liz went to the car with the luggage cart to bring up all the loot. Still awake. Steve went to sleep and Liz and I went to the lobby. Half hour later we went to the room. Still awake. Lights out, Grandma stroked her forehead and sang to her. Still awake. Mom and Grammy sat in the dark for another 1/2 hour. Finally, finally around 11:45 pm, Sydney fell asleep. We set up the little tree we'd brought and set out the presents.

The stockings were filled, the gifts arranged and we went to bed. Sydney woke up at 7:30 am and announced she'd seen Santa putting out the gifts. We enjoyed our stockings, our gifts and each other. What a fun time. Belgum Waffles for breakfast and Christmas Dinner with Grandma the Great, Steve's sister and her 12 year old twins. Here's Sydney with one of her gifts: a Calico Critter motorcycle & side car and critters. She also got the Critter Mansion and various other "go withs."She looks happy, doesn't she! Christmas in a hotel wasn't bad at all! Wonderful memories. We're now back home and tomorrow I'll share a few of MY presents. Here's hoping you spend your day with loved ones and made memories.

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