Friday, October 26, 2012

Hulu (not a commercial)

  I don't watch much TV.  Actually I only watch one show with any degree of regularity on TV and that is Monday night Mr. Scottie Dog and I watch Antiques Road Show on PBS together.  Other than that, I don't watch the television unless we've rented a movie.  Sounds quite sanctimonious, right?

Wrong!  Mr. Scottie Dog and I don't really like the same shows.  He likes news shows, build-it shows, airplane shows.  I like personal drama, biographies, shows about people.  He likes shows about things.
So I leave him to the TV and I go to my big screen computer and watch TV via Hulu.  Do you Hulu?  Do you know what Hulu is?
 I really like Hulu.  Most of my favorite shows are there.  Free. Whenever I want.  I also go to and watch a few shows there. One advantage to watching TV on the computer is that there are fewer ads.  And I can switch to FB during the commercials if I want. My computer is set up right by my sewing machine.  This means I can watch any show I choose and sew to my heart's content.  And I do!

Today the computer had a hiccup and it shut itself down.  After turning back on I had to sign into all my "special places" again.  Facebook, AOL, Blogger & Hulu.  It had been so long that when I logged in and the space for "password" came up, I paused.  Hmmm.  What WAS my Hulu password?  First I tried ******, no.  Then I tried *********, no.  I tried **********, ******* and even ************** which I hadn't used in years. No, no, no.....all of them were invalid.  So I clicked the box saying I had forgotten my password.  Forgetting is a touchy word.  Now that I'm 60, every time I pause to find a word, remember where my keys are, try to say a name, I am sure that senior dementia is setting in.

It takes about 5 minutes for the email from Hulu to get to your inbox.  Finally it came and I opened the message.  They don't tell you the old password, you have to set a new one.  OK, I started to type a password and all of a sudden I remembered the old one. Of Course!  So I typed it in, retyped it in the next box and hit enter.  WRONG!  You can't use the original one again.  What's up with that? So I reset it with *********.  Hope I remember next time I have to use it.

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