Wednesday, November 21, 2012

And I thought I hadn't Accomplished Much!

Here it is Monday and I'm feeling "fuzzy."  What does that mean?  On Friday I noticed my nose was "sort of running."  Not really a runny nose, but every once in awhile.....  Sydney stayed home from school with a cough and since Mom was working at Redwood Sewing Center she came over to Grandma's.  We fixed lunch together, she watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Alladin and played with Legos.  Not a ton of stuff going on.  I sewed a bit.  Mr. Scottie Dog and I went out to dinner. Saturday I sewed a bit more.  But by Saturday night I felt a real cold coming on.  A fitful night and by Sunday  morning Mr. Scottie Dog went off the church without me.  The day passed in a blur....a cold medicine fuzzy day.

I came to work and thought I had accomplished absolutely nothing for the whole weekend.  Here's a few shots of my Farmer's Wife blocks I made this weekend.  I didn't realize just how much I did get done this weekend....remember these are 6" blocks!
Wed. update:   Only one more to do.....and I got it done on Tuesday.  I'm all ready for my classes in December. 

Today our store was closed for Thanksgiving holidays.  We'll have a HUGE Black Friday & Small Business Saturday sale.  Liz and I spent all day and well into the night (I got home after 10 pm) getting ready, setting up, cleaning up the store and finding more and more misc. from the back room to put on the sale tables.  We'll probably go back some time tomorrow and even though the sale starts at 10 am on Friday I am sure the two of us will be their super early.  Oh, the life of a Small Business Owner.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I'm thankful for YOU!

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Carol E. said...

beautiful blocks! I hope the sales went well. I got the foot pedal and pattern. Thanks!! Have not even tried it out yet. I'm engrossed in an excellent book. Will send check soon.