Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crab, anyone?

Last week I saw a couple of different friends on FaceBook post pictures of crabs they were going to be feasting on.  It's not yet Crab Season here in Eureka on Humboldt Bay in Northern CA.  I drooled at the thought of fresh Dungeness Crab.  Sweet, succulent, delicious crab.  Usually the season around here begins on Dec. 1, but I read somewhere that the crabs aren't quite ready and the season won't start until around Dec. 16.  Traditionally at the Scott Household we eat crab for Christmas Eve dinner.  Mr. Scottie Dog lets the kids who might be around play with the crabs a bit with a wooden spoon (the crabs grab the spoon, the child lifts it up a foot or two, screams and puts the crab down....over and over again).  Then he puts them into a big pot of boiling salted water (and a few secret ingredients) and cooks them up.  We chill them and put them on the table with salad makings, sourdough bread and a nice white wine for the grown-ups.

I commented on one friend's FB post about how much I liked crab and today I got a phone call from Karen.  She was coming from her Father-in-law's house up North and had crab for me!  Really?  Well, Karen, bless her heart, brought us four lovely crabs...cooked and on ice.  I'm certainly thankful for Karen and the crabs today!  Crab salad tonight, crab sandwiches tomorrow!

Karen's Father-in-law puts out crab pots and catches a few each day. 

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