Saturday, March 14, 2015

Company's Coming!

Mr. Scottie Dog and I are still in limbo.  One of the things we are trying to do is see old friends and make connections before we leave Northern CA for a final time.  We've had dinner with a few friends, see people at church on Sundays.  I try to get out once or twice a week to sew with my quilting friends.  I also belong to a small group of ladies that have been meeting for over 20 years.  We have quilting in common.  We gather regularly to chat, sew, laugh, eat and laugh some more.  The group has changed some over the years and I think there are only two of us left from the original club.  We call ourselves The Grateful Threads and there's a new generation of gals taking over.  Lately we've gone to the movies, gone out for dessert and chatted at one member's house.  Monday we plan to see The Second Best Marigold Hotel together.  (We like chick flicks!)  I think I'm going to miss this group most of all.

This week we've had two friends drop by unannounced from our past.  It's been wonderful!  Rob and Crystal moved last year from Humboldt Co.  I miss them so.  They are now in Utah and we visited them last September.  They knocked on our door the other day.  Hugs all around!  Of course there's not enough time to chat and remember.  They had to get to their grandson's 3rd birthday party. But it's great to know we'll be seeing them in April when we make another trip to MN.  Their hospitality is wonderful.

Yesterday I made Mr. Scottie Dog some chocolate chip cookies (still trying to use up what's in the cupboards).  As I took the last pan from the oven I looked up and saw Kathryn, one of our oldest friends (they moved away when Liz was a baby).  We saw Kathryn and her hubby last at our 25th wedding anniversary (this year it's 43). But time doesn't seem to have passed at all.  She still has the same snickering giggle, still knows us through and through.  So great to catch up!

It was nice to be able to offer cookies....I only wish I had them for Rob and Crystal.  Note to self:  maybe making cookies more regularly than once a year is a good idea.  Having some nice, homemade goodies on hand is just plain neighborly.  I think with a year-long move I have forgotten my hospitality graces.

Just do it! Company's Coming!

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Debbie Kaeding said...

This is how I felt seeing you and Luz at retreat. Live you all.