Monday, March 2, 2015


I'm in Limbo, remember?  My days are filled with little jobs, indecision, a little sewing, a little packing and a (very) little cleaning. This past week we spent a delightful evening at the home of dear friends.  They cooked us an absolutely wonderful meal but the real treasure of the evening was the conversation. Catching up on our lives, our kids' lives and comparing grandchild stories.  Old friendships are the best...they have to be because there is so much shared history, remembrance and purpose.  Why is it that we don't actively connect with these friends on a regular basis and not just when we know our time is short?

This weekend while I was pasting in some recipes onto one of my Pinterest boards I had the bold thought:  What if I actually MADE these bread sticks instead of just dreaming of making them?  I haven't made bread in years.  Actually I haven't really cooked with any degree of regularity for years.  Certainly not the 14 years I owned the Quilt Shop.  Mr. Scottie Dog and I got into a routine:  He grilled a piece of meat/poultry/seafood, I made a salad and maybe he had a baked potato.  Every once in awhile we'd shake things up and he'd make waffles or I'd make soup.  The only REAL meals were Holiday meals and usually there was a daughter or two to help make the meal.

There was a time I made all our bread stuffs. Daily bread, bagels, hamburger buns. I made yogurt, salad dressings, cakes, pies, casseroles and more.  I actually made plans and cooked meals.  I had knife skills.  I could FEEL when a yeast dough was perfectly kneaded.  And I enjoyed it.

Today is Monday.  I feel domestic.  I did laundry.  I actually baked those bread sticks (going to have to try them again, though...I don't think I let them rise quite enough).  Mr. Scottie Dog  sampled them and declared the "right fine."  I think they are a bit heavy, but
I'll try harder next time.  I cleaned up the kitchen as I went (with things so up in the air lately, I sometimes leave it until after dinner).  

We took our chest freezer to Minnesota on a previous trip so we are down to the freezer in our refrigerator and I'm still trying to use up what's in it.  What to do with some ground 97% beef.  Meatloaf!  Personally, I like meatloaf, although I like left-over meatloaf sandwiches even more!  So I made a meatloaf.  Making use of some of those afore mentioned knife skills, it is full of veggies. When Mr. Scottie Dog saw the pan he proclaimed my "domestication." 

Sadly, the photo of this meatloaf is from the Internet.....mine is cooking....the timer went off and I opened up the oven.  I forgot to turn it on!  Dinner's going to be a bit late.  The rumors of my "domestication" are sadly exaggerated.

But I feel it returning!  Maybe I'll make some bagels and a pie tomorrow (still trying to use up all I find in the cupboards).

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