Saturday, March 19, 2016


It appears that our house in the redwoods has sold.  We never got it listed, but a relator asked if he could bring some clients over and they fell in love with our house.  After a bit of negotiations back and forth, they agreed to our price and we all signed the first of lots of paperwork. It's not really sold until the escrow closes, but the family that is purchasing it has seen the reports and still want to move in on April 28.  Not much time to wrap up everything in CA, pack up the last of the household goods and clear out Bill's garage of his tools and things.  It won't take me more than a few hours to box up the house and my clothes, but Mr. Scottie Dog has a lot of stuff.  Tools from his dad and grandpa, left-overs from 45 years of running a construction business, treasures and trash.  I've already sorted through my stuff and the household goods and furniture.  What we are keeping is already in MN waiting for us.

The house looks kind of small compared to the redwood trees!

Mr. Scottie Dog built the rock wall with rocks from special places....coral from Maui, obsidian from Lake County, CA, rocks from Lake Selmac, OR and more. He did a great job on the brick and concrete front courtyard too!

The house was pretty small when we bought it in 1984.  Only two bedrooms and now it has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.  He's a marvel!

It's going to be hard leaving the wonderful shower he built for me, but I know that if need be, he'll build me another one in MN.

So it looks like we are finally wrapping up the Northern CA chapters of our life...a place we started our lives together in 1972, raised our lovely girls and made  so many wonderful friends.  So many warm memories. On to the new adventures in MN with our ever-expanding family.  Grandpa and Meemaw are coming!!!!! (finally!)


jen duncan said...

Awww! Bittersweet for sure. Loved knowing you and do glad it worked out for you :-)

jen duncan said...
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