Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Riding the Roller Coaster

 Selling a house, I have found, is much like riding a roller coaster.  (Side note:  I HATE ROLLER COASTERS!)  As you start out everyone is smiling and thinking to themselves, "This is a piece of Cake."  Then comes the chunk, chunk, chunk of the links engaging as your car is pulled up an incline.  You pause for a moment at the top of the loop and then WHAM, rattle, rattle the air rushes in your face as you plummet downward at the speed of light.  The car shakes violently back and forth as your cheeks are pulled back to your ears and you wonder why in the world do people call this fun!  You are stuck in that car as it goes up again even higher this time, turning as it goes, around and up and down at ever increasing speeds.  You hear screams and realize they are coming from you.  With every swoop you realize this was a BAD IDEA and vow never to get on one again.

We never put our house on multiple listings.  Bill put it on Zillow over a year ago hoping someone would see and he could cut short the remodeling.  A few people called and just as he was finishing up two couples called to see the house.  The second set wanted to buy it. and we began the contract process.  There were some negotiations back and forth between realtors.  Up and down on the roller coaster.  All was finally agreed on.  Smooth sailing, right?  Wrong!

We had agreed on a closing date and the inspections were being made.  Oops! The buyer of their house backed out.  Whosh!  The roller coaster was plummeting to the depths.  Just at the last minute they found a new buyer.  Gliding along......Then Whosh!  They want us to give them money for a new roof.  Down, down in the pit of my stomach.  More negotiations, up and down, back and forth.  Enough is enough.  Take it or leave it...maybe we'd do better to put the house onto multiple listings after all. The roller coaster ride was terrible for me.  It's time to get it done, sell the house, move to MN.

The buyers' realtor said, "OK, I'll let them know what you said and they can counter."  NO COUNTERS.  This is it!  or the deal is off.  Wisely they sent over the papers to sign.  Now officially in Escrow.  Sale is complete on May 6.  I am hoping and praying the roller coaster ride is over.  Did I say I HATE roller coasters.  They make my tummy hurt.

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Carol E. said...

What does this mean?? "officially in Escrow." I thought I understood escrow, but maybe not.