Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mr. Scottie Dog's Adventure

We are in the home stretch....Just one more week to go.  My part is mostly done; it will take me one morning to pack up the kitchen as we move for a week into our travel trailer.  Mr. Scottie Dog has been very busy.  For the past two days he's had a crew of 4 extra guys helping him clear and sort the garage and shop.  Three huge trailers and trucks have been busy hauling salvage to the salvage yard, recyclables and trash to the dump. I'm not even sure they know how many trips.

 This is of course, after Mr. Scottie Dog spent many days pulling out tools and equipment he will need in Minnesota and taking it to a storage unit until we pack up a trailer bound for  the Midwest. One of they guys helping filled his own truck and trailer several times with construction "left-overs" that he and his dad will be able to put to good use here.

This picture is really for my kids....this is Dad's shop.  Clean shelves, floors and just an empty space!

I've been busy putting all manner of things on a FaceBook classifieds page.  Amazing the number of things we've sold.  Even some things to friends!  Feels good to see them go to familiar homes. 
Bill found three old typewriters in the depths of the garage.  We sold them, but not everyone who bought them actually knows much about typewriters.  One gal asked me where she could get paper!  She was excited to know you could use any paper in it.  Ribbons are easily available at office supply stores.

Good job, Mr. Scottie Dog!  What an adventure.


jen duncan said...

I haven't seen ONE of your FB ads! But I have heard through others about the great deals.
Miss you already!

Carol E. said...