Friday, May 6, 2016

California Livin' is Coming to an End

Selling a house isn't for sissies!  Over the past three days our Escrow Closing date has changed FIVE times.  Prior to that it had been set back one week and was supposed to close today.  The roller coaster ride continues and my stomach has been queasy for days.  I'm sure it will settle down as soon as we hit the road to MN.

 There have been blessings in this Escrow bouncing ball.  Mr. Scottie Dog has been exhausting himself sorting, toting, hauling and packing up the shop, garage and his office.   I think he's lost 15 lbs. he didn't have to lose. When we first got the word that our closing date was moved from today to next Tuesday he promptly took a nap!  Sufficiently restored for the day he took the evening off and played accordion with some friends.  Ahhh.....physical and emotional restoration.  Then the date bounced around back and forth like a ping pong ball and finally settled on NEXT Thursday, May 12. I had to call the telephone and Internet people FOUR times attempting to give them an End of Service date. I had hoped to be hugging the grands by then but am grateful that Mr. Scottie Dog will have a little less stress.  Today I'm packing up the last of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  This means boxes with unrelated stuff in them...long lists of contents on the outside. I'm not quite sure I believe I will ever unpack.  Most of our stuff has been packed up for almost 2 years.

Final days, hectic much to do and so mindless and boring.  I'm so appreciating our last  Spring in the redwoods.

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