Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I read somewhere that the AVERAGE woman (I'm assuming this mean an American woman) owns 60 pairs of shoes. Wow! 60! I have 14 pair, not counting a pair of water shoes I haven't used in years and a pair of rubber flip flops with black sequins and glittery seed beads. I do have 3 pairs of slippers and I've only worn one pair of those a handful of times in the past several years, but I like the idea slippers. Where would I keep 60 pairs of shoes? In reality, I have 4 or 5 pairs I like and wear with any regularity. None of the shoes pictured here are my shoes, nor do I wear striped sox, but it was fun to look for shoes on the Internet.

Truth be told, I'd rather not wear shoes at all! When I get home at the end of the day, my shoes come off. I got this from my Mother and have passed this on to my children. My granddaughter Sydney would rather go barefoot also.

These black strappy heels are just downright weird. No other word for it. They are from Japan and I doubt they are mainstream. I think I've seen the Cheetah heels on someone before. They are attractive, but I don't wear heels. Never have. Not once. I got married in 1972 in near flats--my husband is 10" taller than I so it wasn't because I was afraid I'd be taller than he, but I have never gotten used to heels and now I'm not stupid enough to try. My one pair of "Sunday-go-to-meeting" shoes are black pumps with a 1" chunky heel.

So the question is......How many shoes do YOU own? Are you average, above average or below average like me?????


Carol E. said...

I am waaaayy below average, thank goodness. You found some cute shoe pictures, but those black torture devices masquerading as shoes are gross!! I have one "nice" pair of shoes (flats), two pairs of tennis/running shoes, one pair of sandals, two pairs of flip flops. That is it, and that is plenty. I hate spending money on shoes. I will never become a shoe hog. (Oh, of course I have some winter boots, a necessity here in Minnesota.)

The Hachés said...

I haven't ever counted my shoes... I'd guess I have less than 15 pairs, maybe even less than 10 - but at least 5 of those are flip flops I think!

My shoe stash has gone up higher (maybe even 20) but it starts to bug me that I have these shoes that I never wear... so I get rid of them down to a manageable number.

60? that's just crazy... "there's starving people in china" comes to mind. :-) Not that they could eat our shoes! but maybe the money could go elsewhere...


Althea said...

Awesome collection!! I like those cheetah skin stuff shoes, those look very hot and attractive. I also have a same pair.

liz said...

I think I probably have between 10 and 15 pair, but about 5 that I wear regularly. It's sounding like that is more average. Larissa, I'm waiting to see if you take the 5th on this question? :)

Larissa said...

I am holding out until I can do an actual count---I am enlisting some expert help purging my closet this weekend, and I will list an accurate count then! Admitting I have a problem is the first step, right?