Sunday, June 1, 2008

Going Once, Twice, SOLD!

Friday night was Scottie Dog Quilts night at the KEET-TV auction. Many thanks to our many friends who helped us out....Camryn, Louise, Sue, Lori, Laura, Larissa, Liz, Ilene, Ilene's husband (forgive me I can't remember your name, but I so appreciate your help on the Auction Board!), Pam, Tina, Karen, Lewis and Mr. Scottie Dog.....I hope I haven't forgotten memory is sooo very poor these days. Here are Liz and Larissa as auctioneers. They did an awesome job.....often squeezing out some extra $$ for KEET-TV.

Manning the phones can be hectic...Only once did I answer the phone, "Scottie Dog Quilts, may I help you?" but it was ok, since the item up for bid just happened to be a Scottie Dog Quilts Gift Certificate! The bidder on the phone and I had a good laugh over that. What I find the most interesting is that if you are watching on TV you have no idea that in that tiny studio (and it is quite tiny) there are probably no less than 20 people, most of them yelling out bids from the phones, confirming the bids, calling once, twice sold! The director is yelling instructions to the people writing on the boards, someone is setting the next table set up, two or three camera operators are doing their thing. And you, the TV watcher are oblivious as all you hear are the two auctioneers talking.

Humboldt County, CA KEET-TV is the 2nd to the smallest PBS station in the United States. We count it a privilege to help out at their twice per year auctions by donating gift certificates (which we are proud to say nearly always go for full value or more!) and by manning the telephones, being on camera and writing up the bids on the auction boards. The auction continues next Wed-Friday (June 4, 5, 6) nights from 6:30-11 pm. More Scottie Dog Gift Certificates to come...... Channel 13. Be there.

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The Hachés said...

Sounds like so much fun, I wish we could've been there this year!