Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Eureka Bathroom

Mr. Scottie Dog has been busy the past several days working on our new shower. It is so very beautiful. I know it's been taking a long time, but he is so carefully making sure it's perfect.
I had asked if the floor tiles could be "on point." On the diagonal to those of you who aren't quilters! We looked a long time before we found the 13 inch tiles. We looked on our travels, looked at granite, other stone tiles, and finally the one we liked the best was at Pierson Building Supply right here in Eureka. Then we chose the trim piece and Bill changed the design to have the tiles on diagonal up to the trim and then sitting
straight. I think it is so very beautiful!
My plan wasn't as good as his. Again we've agonized over the right grout color. I didn't realize grout comes in lots of different colors. I thought you got white or black. No...way too many colors to choose. Should we go dark, light or try to match the tiles. What we chose looks a lot more yellow on Bill's test piece. But it won't show much, so we are going to go with it. Look at the close up of the trim. It looks like carved stone. The shower "room" is coming along.
The lavatory is painted--it's actually a soft green with a touch of gray--in this pic it looks gray---the lights that go above the sinks are in, the intercom in in and the telephone is in......that's right, remember Mr. Scottie Dog is an electrical and electronic technician.....so we have telephone AND intercom next to the camode so if I feel a need to contact anyone, I'm covered.
Bill, I'm in awe of the lovely and loving job you are doing.

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jen duncan said...

An absolute work of art! Great job, Mr Scottie Dog!