Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Visit from a Marine

In August I shared about little Sydney at the Crescent City Quilt Show making quilt squares for the "sick sojers." The Lighthouse Quilt Guild has a project of making quilts for injured soldiers...such a wonderful gift from their hearts. They invited show attendees to design 9 patch blocks using the 3" squares of fabrics provided by the members. Then several ladies would sew the blocks together. This year alone the number of quilts has exceeded 100! One of our regular quilters went to the show with her husband and son. Brigette's son had noticed Sydney hard at work designing her quilt blocks and was impressed with her devotion to the "sick sojers."

He was back home for a visit in late September and brought Sydney a "Marine Teddy Bear." Imagine Sydney's face when her Sojer arrived at Scottie Dog Quilts one evening in his dress uniform (and I tell you it's true.....a man in uniform is soooo handsome!). After a firm handshake and a thank you he was gone.
Thanks so much!


jen duncan said...

aww! Great story. Almost makes ya wanna start scrapbooking. ;-)

Tanya said...

What a nice story and your quilts on the wall are gorgeous too.