Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Houston International Quilt Festival

I've never been to Houston International Quilt Festival. It is THE definitive show of shows in the Quilt World!
Three friends linked up there....Christina Seaman (who is on her 2nd year of traveling the N. American Continent), Toni Morgan (now living in N. Carolina) and our own Pat Durbin. We had hoped to see Toni & Christina in Houston, but they arrived late the day we left early. Boo Hoo. So near and yet so far! Pat's quilt, "Beside the Still Waters" won a Third Place Prize! Congratulations, Pat! It is impressive! She also had another quilt juried into the show....a portrait of Jesus. I saw some ladies admiring it when I saw the show.

Congratulations also to Gerry Smeltzer....her lovely blue pants outfit was impressive. We had the white glove man move the signage in front of it as it hid the ensemble.

Quilt Festival begins 3 days AFTER Quilt Market ends....so we just can't stay. Maybe some year.

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